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The player, on the other hand, is thinking about his future and what a move to the professional ranks would mean Top Adidas Basketball Shoes 2014

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Wolf Pack alums JaVale McGee and Ramon Sessions have both raked in millions in the NBA. Presswire)

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44M contract tell us about Wolf Pack

Yes, it would have been great to see these guys play for four years, rack up NCAA Tournament appearances and get their degrees, but that a naive mindset.

Whenever a Wolf Pack basketball player turns pro before exhausting hiseligibility, the typical fan response is to get angry. It makes sense.

rest of these players earned enough money to live comfortably for the rest of their lives (if they spend it well).

If a business major was offered a high paying job at a Fortune 500 company after his sophomore season or a journalism student was offered a job at the New York Times after his junior year, he would most likely leave school and start living his dream. It no different with these basketball players.

Another angle to the story is this: The earlier you enter the draft, the sooner you become a free agent, the more potential money you make in the league. If McGee had stayed at Nevada Adidas All Star Pink for four years, he wouldn have been a free agent until the 2014 15 season. By leaving early, he became a free agent earlier and was able to get that $44 million contract.

You get attached to a player, you feel scorned, you imagine those if? scenarios if that player had returned for another year.

But one thing I would like to see is one of these players give some money back to the Wolf Pack, which is trying to raise funds for a basketball practice facility. These five players will have many almost $90 million over the course of their contracts. You think they could donate something back to Nevada, which helped foster their NBA dreams. ;)

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Five Wolf Pack players have left school to turn pro early. Here how much money they have earned/will earn in guaranteed contracts.

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Adidas All Star Pink

If McGee would have stayed four years, he might have been a 1 or 2 pick. Wouldn he have them made the big contract right out of college?July 19, 2012 at 7:31 pm

July 19, 2012 at 6:16 pm

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McGee: $51 millionRamon Sessions: $22.6 millionLuke Babbitt: $8.2 million (will go up to $12.3 million if Portland picks up his 2013 14 option)Kirk Snyder: $6.7 millionArmon Johnson: $1.26 millionOutside of Johnson, who will be hard pressed to find an NBA team in 2012 13, the Adidas Men's Crazy Light Boost Basketball Shoes

By leaving early, he make $33 million through the 2013 14 season. The rookie scale suppresses how much you can make, so getting to free agency (and the open market) as quickly as possible is the best route to making the big money. That one of the big advantages of leaving college early.

for him. It mean cashing a big check and living out his NBA dream.

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Adidas All Star Pink

work on his skills and work on his conditioning.

Thanks Chris! Kind of amazing that he can make all of that money and not be very skilled. Nothing like having God given height, length and athletic ability. No telling how good this guy could be if he would D Rose Shoes For Girls

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There an NBA rookie scale that determines salaries. 1 pick (which wouldn have happened, but we play this game), he would have made $19M through the 2013 14 season, based on the rookie salary scale.

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And, as the evidence shows, when a Wolf Pack player leaves schools early, he making the right decision. The latest example came Wednesday night when JaVale McGee agreed to a four year extension with the Denver Nuggets worth a reported $44 million.

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