Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

A final decision will then be taken in early 2014.

As previously reported, the council is tendering many of its back office services, as the contract it has with Mouchel comes to an end in the next two years.

Pete Moore, Executive Director for Resources Community Safety Adidas All Star Gray

big companies move services and employees to central locations rather than keeping the jobs locally. Mouchel during the past 13 years has kept jobs in the Lincoln area.

LCC services have and are facing cuts in spending including libraries and surely the profits paid over could be put to better use in continuing service provision in these areas.

be working closely with these businesses over the coming months to make sure we get the best possible deal for taxpayers, he added.

Union worried over job losses

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

Agilisys, BT and Serco have been announced as finalists for a back office contract, worth 20 Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review million, with Lincolnshire County Council.

The council tendered for a range of back office services, and finalists have now been selected for the main contract, which includes IT, HR and finance.

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

The selected bidders will now enter a 'competitive dialogue' with the council, before drawing up their more detailed final proposals later this year.

spend the money on the people which really matter and who actually provide these big company profits through the council tax and that is the residents of Lincolnshire.

The Mouchel offices in Lincoln

said: carefully assessed all the bids received, and we're confident that we've chosen the companies that can best meet our needs.

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

The UNISON branch at Lincolnshire County Council says the news affects 300 Mouchel staff, out of the 550 which are employed by Mouchel within the Lincoln area.

They say another 80 staff will be subject to other smaller contract tenders and framework agreements which could also result in a change of employer. Approximately 40 staff from Accountancy and Capital Development will be insourced back to LCC.

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

Mouchel also ended its contract for managing the operations at The Lawn in Lincoln, which led to some ten redundancies.

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

for a second time, but has not been selected as a finalist in the bid.

June 4, 2013 at 3:09pm

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

Tracey Harrison, Unison convenor at Mouchel, said: are disappointed and there is a great deal of uncertainty at today's news as they don't want to transfer to other contractors.

Well obviously Agilisys, BT and Serco were the best candidates. Just because a local supplier wasn shortlisted hardly means there is no local spend. Didn they go into administration last year? I sure the procurement operation has considering staffing in great detail.

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

nationally and locally is opposed to the privatisation of our public services resulting in paying big companies profit rather than spending the money on Lincolnshire public services.

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

Mouchel previously said it was intending to apply for the contract Adidas Basketball Shoes Adizero 2013

20m Lincolnshire County Council back


Tom Kirman:

The current 15 year contract between the two organisations, which ends in 2015, means Mouchel manages the council's IT, HR, finance, property, catering and more.

will be campaigning to insource back all the outsourced services to ensure that we're not paying big profits to big D Rose Shoes 2017 Red

Adidas Climacool 1 Shoes Review

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