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While my primary role is guiding my team in carrying out the Mission Implementation Plan, I also coach them on project management. I spend a lot of time mentoring my PCP senior counterparts on ways to carry out organizational reform activities. This often involves discussions on how to manage the hurdles they will no doubt encounter as they continue to evolve from a primarily security based police force to a community based police service.

me for a chat or a photo. Being able to hold a kid's eye and bring about a smile and a hand wave from them is the best feeling yet.

In terms of the mission, working at EUPOL COPPS is like working at a detachment back home. The jokes are plenty, and everyone is ready to lend a helping hand or offer a friendly opinion!

Insp. Erika Sheridan deployed to the European Union Police's Coordinating Office for Palestinian Police Service (EUPOL COPPS) in the West Bank in Adidas All Star Rose Gold

D Rose 7 On Foot

D Rose 7 On Foot

A Canadian police woman on mission in the Palestinian Territories

D Rose 7 On Foot

D Rose 7 On Foot

Insp. Sheridan takes in the view of Snake Road that links the towns of At Tayba and Jericho.

D Rose 7 On Foot

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Given the current political and socio economic environment in the West Bank, accomplishments are not easily measured. Sometimes, it seems that the best one can do is listen and help break down problems into small steps that one day, way down to road, may end up being a path to a better future for those we are trying to help.

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a Senior Police Advisor and Team Leader overseeing the Mission Implementation Plan for the institutional development of the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP).

As for gender issues, while PCP female officers are mostly assigned duties that limit the need for them to work nights, I have encountered women in roles of heads of juvenile and family protection units, even in charge of branches. As a police woman, I am always well received during all my meetings, and have no reservations about voicing my recommendations or opinions.

Imagine as a police officer requiring permission from both Israeli and Palestinian security forces to travel on certain roads within your district as you respond to calls from citizens. They are sometimes even required to remove their uniform to travel on certain roads.

Very shortly upon my arrival in mission, I was fortunate to be offered an influential role within the mission as D Rose Shoes 773 4

D Rose 7 On Foot

The biggest eye opener for me is that, even though the PCP has been around since 1994, it has yet to be officially assigned a mandate of police primacy within the Palestinian National Security forces. The Palestinian police are governed by an erratic set of legislations that include Jordanian, Israeli, Palestinian, Egyptian and even British mandate laws. This means the PCP must abide by a limited right of mobility throughout its area of operations.

July 2013. The 26 year RCMP veteran happens to be the first Canadian police woman to serve there. Here is the story of her experience so far.

Despite these restrictions, PCP officers remain committed to their job. When providing them with advice on improving response times, police strength and operating procedures, one needs to take into consideration the restrictions they operate under.

During my time here, the most memorable occasions have been when I am out in the West Bank in uniform and young kids and their moms will approach Adidas Adizero Crazy Light Men's Basketball Shoes Reviews

D Rose 7 On Foot

D Rose 7 On Foot

D Rose 7 On Foot

D Rose 7 On Foot

Insp. Sheridan (3rd from right) with RCMP colleague Supt. Mike Aubry (far left) as well as EUPOL and PCP colleagues in Qualqiliya District, during a police district mapping exercise.

By Insp. Erika Sheridan, Senior Police Advisor, EUPOL COPPS, West Bank

D Rose 7 On Foot

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